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Eggplant Salad with Mayo and Yogurt Dressing

Hi everybody!

Sometimes you just want to make something new, different. Here in North America, eggplants are not that popular, but back home, in Armenia they are essential part of the diet and we have lots of good recipes for making eggplants.  For those who had not read my previous post, here is the link The Eggplant Story. That was the prelude story for the recipe which I will share with you in this post.

First off all, here is a list what you need:

  1. 3-4 eggplants (Chinese or baby eggplants (5-6, in this case) are better than big ones).
  2. Any of your favorite vegetable oil for frying, I am using Sunflower oil.
  3. 2 gloves of garlic
  4. Mayonnaise and plain yogurt – about 1 cup total, 50/50 each (you also can use just mayo)
  5. Dill (2-3 strings)
  6. Walnuts (the more, the yummier)
  7. Salt, black pepper to taste

Wash your vegetables, and partially peel them as shown on the picture. Some people don’t like the taste of skin, but I think that leaving some of it on adds some texture to the dish. So it is totally up to you, leave it or no.


When your eggplants are ready, put them in a bowl and add salt. Cover and leave for 10-15 minutes. This way a little bitterness of eggplants will wash out. Put your pan on medium-high your, add oil and wait little bit for the oil get hot (but not so hot). Start adding eggplant pieces, squeezing them first, to let juices go. At this stage, you have to be very careful, because the oil is very hot and you can easily burn yourself. Keep for 3-4 minutes each side until golden-brown.

IMG_3444 IMG_3445

Next step is preparing your dressing. Chop your dill very fine, walnuts you can chop medium size, so that you can still feel their crunchiness in the salad. Garlic you can put in a squeezer or chop also by hand. Mix together yogurt and mayonnaise in a separate bowl, add a pinch of black pepper and rest (dill, walnuts and garlic).

IMG_3447 IMG_3449IMG_3448

As you noticed I didn’t add any salt in this point, because mayo is salty and we put salt in the beginning. After everything is done you can try and see, if salad needs additional salt.

Cover your fried eggplants with the dressing and give it a good stir, trying not to break the pieces. Cover and let stand at least 30 minutes, to absorb all the flavors.


How easy was that? And when you serve this salad with the dinner, your friends will think you spent whole day, making this sophisticating and yummy antipasto.


If you like this recipe and interested in more eggplants recipes, let me know. I will be happy to share with you.

Bon appetite!



The Eggplant Story


It is over a decade now, that we came here, to this continent. You know…..the New World, like Christopher Columbus did many centuries ago.

It wasn’t really that easy in the beginning. But I don’t want to write about the sad part. Sometimes, when we started to talk about our first year here, our friends are tell me, that I should write about this. Some things were funny, mostly sad, but…

That’s why I want to write tonight about one day – The Eggplant story.

Let’s start from where we came – Armenia. For those, who doesn’t know where it is – it’s a small country in mountains. Actually on the foot of the mountain Ararat, that one, from the Bible. Close to the Black and Mediterranean Seas. Armenia is very sunny and therefore there is tons of sweet fruits and beautiful vegetables.

When we came here my knowledge of English was close to zero (even though I fluently knew 2 languages and studied another one in school). But English – no.

So, it was a couple of months after our arrival. We went grocery shopping, bought some vegetables, including eggplants too. Prices here are in pounds, so different from what we are used to (in kilograms). We walked home from the store, no car back then. I started to look at the receipt. What we bought, was 3 small eggplants (baby eggplants) – and I saw the price for that – around $6! 6 bucks!!! 3 SMALL eggplants… I couldn’t believe it. I was furious! I should return them! Everybody started to calm me down, saying who is going to go back to the store? It was actually quite a bit of a distance. But I didn’t listen to anybody and in a minute I was already on my way to the supermarket, determined to fight. In my mind I was calculating how much money $6 will be in our national currency and was imagining how many kilo eggplants it would be… Imagine, in a summer time, harvest time every household was preparing preserves for winter, therefore people were buying 20, 30 kg of eggplants – and making different types of preserves – with tomatoes, pepper, garlic, and parsley, fried, grilled and etc… List is actually very long and preserves are very yummy!!! I remember, once I decided to buy 20kg and it was actually a big mountain of eggplants on our balcony. Thank God, they stay long, because I couldn’t handle that amount in one day.

So, remembering that, I was looking at 3 small eggplants in my bag and getting more and more angry.

I didn’t think much, when I took off alone, that I can’t speak English. I came to the store and started saying “Refund, Refund” repetitively to the cashier. The cashier was asking me something, but what’s the point? I couldn’t understand. She called a manager, and now he is asking me questions. I think, they were asking, what’s the problem with the vegetables? That word I knew – I said – expensive. And again – refund!

So… They give me my money back, I was relieved and went out from the store and there was my husband, catching his breath, just made it uphill to the store. I was so furious, I made it there in no time.

Now it is funny… I can laugh, sure. But, that particular day wasn’t funny at all for me.

In my next post I will write the recipe for an eggplant salad, and I promise you it is very easy and tasty.

Thanks for reading



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